A unique product, infinite possibilities of use

Ebanisteria Marelli is a leading company in decorative wooden moldings and it keeps inspiring its customers: architects, designers, constructor, cabinetmakers and hobbyists, looking for elegant moldings in solid wood.

It is the refined touches and intricate details that allow you to create an artistically stimulating and warmly welcoming atmosphere for the home.

For over five decades we have worked to enhance classical, neo-classical, modern and contemporary architectural motifs in our range of moldings.

With the quality of the design and the care in the workmanship, we have established ourselves on the market as suppliers of decorative and ornamental solutions for renovation, new construction and restoration projects.

  • Raw material, the importance of selection

    We check the quality right from procurement, the choice of raw material is the first step to obtain a flawless finished product.

    For all our processes we rely on Beech and Pine, two wood species that allow us to perform precise and clean carvings, without smudges or inaccuracies.

  • Our wood species

    European beech: hard wood, slightly steamed, carefully kiln-dried and conditioned to a degree of humidity between 8% and 10%, which guarantees stability and very low tension.

    Pino europeo: soft wood, kiln-dried and selected in the highest quality available.

  • A product ready to be used

    Our moldings are made of solid wood and are supplied in raw natural wood, with a smooth and polished surface, therefore already in ideal condition to be finished: the molding can be painted, lacquered or varnished, without the need for special preventive treatments or preparation.

  • Different technical and high quality processes

    We carry out our productions according to lines and technical procedures based on the highest quality standards, based on precision, experience and innovation:

    Planing and profiling: carried out using a wide variety of moulders and tools to obtain perfect surfaces both for subsequent processing and for finished products such as smooth decorative moldings.

  • Carving: carried out with carvers, mechanical machinery that use knives and cutters to carve and remove the wood in a precise and uniform way, giving great depth and definition

    Hot-embossing: obtained by transferring the design from heated roller molds to the wood.

  • Assembly and quality control

    Our moldings can be used individually or even combined with each other to create details on a larger scale.

    Our internal department takes care of the assembly of the combined products, although the variety of possible solutions always leaves the customer free to make his own preferred option.

    A wide warehouse availability, prepared after an accurate quality control, allows us to serve the customer in a reliable way and with fast shipping times.

  • Technology at the service of design

    All of this has been achieved by offering a truly complete and unique line of elegant molding selections, all supported by constant product availability and superior specific technology.

    Whether you are a home owner, an interior designer or a constructor, Ebanisteria Marelli offers you solutions of excellence, constant quality and lasting beauty.


Ebanisteria Marelli fully supports and is able to supply its products with FSC certification and with PEFC certification, coming from sustainable sources.

The details of which products are certified under the two schemes are reported and are subject to availability. The certification status of each product can change.

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